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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra : Specifications,Review and Price

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra – Hello Logitekers, Did you know that the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has scored a new history when the first new release? This smartphone is the first Galaxy S yangmemiliki features that can support the S Pen and 5G. It is becoming increasingly sophisticated yes! Then what is the price of Samsung S21 Ultra? Check out the article below.

But unfortunately, at this exorbitant price of Samsung S21 Ultra, Samsung does not provide default charger head and a microSD slot. And for the quality of the camera is still not satisfactory especially when taking pictures in low-light conditions and so forth.


This time, we will give you the specifications, reviews and prices of Samsung S21 Ultra. Read More Below for full review.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Specifications

Screen size 6.80-inch (1440×3220)
Color Phantom Black dan Phantom Silver
Processor Samsung Exynos 2100
Front camera 40MP
Rear camera 108MP + 12MP + 10MP + 10MP
RAM 12GB/16
Internal storage 128GB/256GB/512GB
Battery capacity 5000mAh
Operating system Android 11

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Price

Model Harga
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 12GB/128GB 833,00 USD
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 12GB/256GB 929,99 USD
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 12GB/512GB 1.179,99 USD

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Review

Design Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

There are two colors namely Black Phantom and Phantom Silver. Model matte look more attractive than the reflective models. Thanks to the matte black finish is a fingerprint becomes easy to stick and not easy weaving mobile phone.

With a rear camera protrusions embedded in the aluminum frame on the side of the phone. This makes the camera look more in tune with the overall design of this phone.

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With a weight of 227 grams makes our hand tire more easily when we use Ultra Galaxy S2 for some time. Fortunately weighed evenly in all parts of the phone so as to make this smartphone a little to minimize the problem.

The smallest internal capacity of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is 128GB. And a larger storage variants with an internal capacity of 256GB and above.

Dynamic screen AMOLED

Galaxy S21 Ultra has been using screen technology similar to the Galaxy S20 2X Ultra AMOLED namely Dynamic, which supports 120Hz refresh rate and HDR10.

What distinguishes the two is the screen S21 Ultra Galaxy a little brighter and more power efficient. S21 Ultra Galaxy screen is also protected by Gorilla Glass front and rear Victus.

Galaxy S21 Ultra screen size can reach 6.8 “. However, due to the curved corner of the phone that makes widescreen video content slightly truncated. We usually turn off the refresh rate of 120 Hz for a battery suck passable, only this time we let it continue to be active in S21 Ultra Galaxy.

Refresh rate adaptive features can also be combined with a screen resolution WQHD +. However, if this feature is enabled both these smartphones will be faster phone battery power.


Galaxy S21 Ultra equipped the latest chipset the Samsung Exynos 2100 is also combined with 12GB RAM, 16GB if you have the internal capacity of 512GB variants.

Previous Exynos mobile phone users complained about the performance and the battery life is still very poor compared to the Snapdragon. Samsung managed to fix the problem using the Exynos 2100 chipset.

We have never experienced lag and stutter during use S21 Ultra Galaxy for everyday activities. When used to play a variety of smartphone also has a performance that smoothly.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra supports 5G network, but because this network has not teresedia in Indonesia, this feature is somewhat redundant. Perhaps this feature will be useful in the next 2-3 years after the network is implemented and new 5G start a lot of benefits.

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Adding to price support S Pen Samsung S21 Ultra?

S21 Ultra Galaxy has scored recent history because this smartphone into a mobile phone Galaxy S is the first to support the S Pen.

Features S Pen on the Galaxy S21 Ultra indeed not as sophisticated as the latest Galaxy Note. You could say these features resemble a long series features the Galaxy Note S Pen her not using Bluetooth.

Many things can be done with the S Pen on the Galaxy S21 ultra, starting from scratch to write off select smart. What could not be done is the S Pen features that require Bluetooth technology such as remote control or gestures.

Samsung has provided the S Pen on the Galaxy S21 Ultra package of the protective mobile phone, and the two objects are sold at a price that is high enough.

Quality Camera

This smartphone uses four rear camera configuration consisting of a wide 108MP, ultra-wide lens 12MP and 10MP double telephoto lens. In addition, there is a laser sensor and the auto focus 40MP camera on the smartphone front.

The main camera has very good results in recording images. The images of smartphone It has details with accurate colors and good dynamic ranges.

Our experience uses this smartphone and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra that uses the previous generation 108MP sensor, close-range photos become opaque because of the shallow depth of fields. This one problem can be overcome properly on the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

The ultra-wide lens now presents Dual Pixel Auto Focus. This makes it used to photograph very close distances through focus enhancers.

Focus Enhancer is automatically active on the Galaxy S21 Ultra camera if it detects the photo object that is very close to the camera. This feature can be disabled manually if you want it.

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In minimal light conditions, Focus Enhancers produce poor photos so that they should be turned off and use the main camera in the situation.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Photo Result : Dark | @samsungofficial
Photo Result : Light | @samsungofficial

But with the Night Mode on this smartphone, the problem of night photo noise can be overcome properly. In addition, this mode can display better night details.

Battery capacity

Galaxy S21 Ultra can survive the day of use, even more. In Adaptive Refresh Rate mode, we get a screen on time for 5 hours 3 minutes from the battery 100% to 10%. If you use the Refresh Rate 60Hz, of course this smartphone can last longer.

On lighting at 50%, a 100% battery, and Adaptive Refresh Rate, the resulting score is 10 hours 7 minutes. In another testing REFRESH RATE 60Hz, the resulting score is 11 hours 35 minutes.

Support Fast Charging 25W and Fast Wireless Charging 15W. Because it doesn’t provide a default Charger head, we use a charger 25W Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. With the charger it takes 1 hour 10 minutes to charge the battery from 10% to 100%.


With the price of this Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, this smartphone looks very interesting with a camera design that blends with the frame of its cellphone. The battery is durable coupled with performance that can be said to be very fast.

S Pen makes better productivity and 5G connectivity makes it worth to use in the next few years. The camera is not good used in minimal situations. Don’t even provide microSD slots and default chargers.

The price for the cheapest variant is quite expensive, which is 1.179,99 USD for the highest variant.

Well, that’s the review of the specifications and prices of Samsung S21 Ultra. Hopefully this article can help Logitekno readers who need a review of the latest smartphone.

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