HP Ink Tank 315 driver

HP Ink Tank 315 Driver Download (Support All) & Install Method

HP Ink Tank 315 driver is free software or software developed by HP to help you make it easier to control various functions and features in the printer via your PC or laptop.

Without this driver, usually some features and functions in the printer cannot be controlled or work properly, even in some cases devices such as laptops or PCs cannot detect the printer at all even though it is connected. Therefore, before the printer is used for printing, first install the driver on the computer that you will use to control the printer so that all the functions and features in it can be controlled and run optimally, of course.

HP itself actually provides a driver CD that is included in the purchase box, but usually because it is rarely used the CD is lost or even damaged. If you experience this problem, you don’t need to worry. Because you can still install the driver without a CD. How to? Namely by using the driver installation file.
By using this HP Ink Tank 315 driver installation file, you can install driver files more easily. You can even install it directly on a PC or laptop that is not equipped with a CD room.

The HP Ink Tank 315 itself is a printer that is suitable for SMEs. Because it can be used to print, copy and scan. This printer is also capable of printing 6000 black and white or mono pages up to 8000 color pages or with fairly good quality.

HP Ink Tank 315 Download Driver (File)

HP provides two types of drivers which of course can be selected based on your needs, namely the Full version which is used to install the driver and other printer support applications and the Basic version which only installs the driver.

So, if you only need a driver, you can use the Basic version, while if you need other printer support applications you can of course use the Full version. The available driver files are also compatible with various versions of Windows.

File Name



Full Software Driver for windows (All Versions)

124.56 MB


Basic Software Driver for windows XP Vista 7 8 8.1 10 32 bit

57,07 MB


How to Install Driver

To install the HP Ink Tank 315 driver, the method is the same as installing Windows applications in general, but so you don’t get confused, here we describe the steps to install the driver for the Basic version.

Please download the basic version of the HP Ink Tank 315 driver file first, if the printer is connected to the computer first unplug it, then refer to the following steps.

  1. Click once or twice on the downloaded driver file, usually the file is in the download file.
  2. Please wait for the extraction process to finish.
  3. If the “Let’s get started” window appears, click Continue.
  4. Check the “I have reviewed and accept the installation agreements and settings” section and click Next.
  5. Then you can wait for the installation process to complete.
  6. Check the “Continue the installation without connecting now” section, click Skip.
  7. If after that a successful installation notification window appears, click Finish.
  8. The HP Ink Tank 315 driver has been successfully installed. The printer can be used directly to print or restart the PC first so that the driver can run optimally.
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That’s how to download and install HP Ink Tank 315 Driver. Hopefully it can help Logitekno Readers solve the problem of printing documents on your printer.

HP Ink Tank 315 Printer Review

HP Ink Tank 315 driver

  1. In terms of quality HP Ink Tank 315 besides being able to print, this printer can also scan and photocopy. This printer can also print documents in large quantities
  2. It has a quality print resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi, you can print 6000 pages for black and white documents up to 8000 pages for color documents.
  3. This HP Ink Tank printer guarantees the best quality for its printouts. The text will look very clear and sharper. Or when printing color for photos allows the best results.
  4. In addition, This printer has received an Energy Star certificate. which means that the use of power from this printer can be said to be very efficient and is supported by the Auto off or sleep mode feature so that it can minimize the use of electricity.
  5. When turned on and in the printing process, the power usage count uses 10 watts of maximum power, then in the standby position it is 2.1 watts while in sleep mode, the power usage is only 0.88 watts.

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