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Google Translate | History, Features and How To Use

Hello Logitekers, have you never been difficult when you find a word or foreign language sentence that you don’t understand the meaning? Having tried asking other people but it turned out that the person didn’t know. Fortunately in this advanced technology you can access Google Translate.

As we know, mastering foreign languages ​​is very important for life. Because in the duni, we are required to be able to master the least one foreign language. Therefore, it will be difficult if we don’t know the meaning of the most basic like vocabulary.

Indeed we can live foreign languages ​​such as English, German, French to Arabic. However, if forget how? We can’t bring a dictionary everywhere. But you don’t worry, now there are online translator tools that can help you to translate vocabulary until even long sentences.

The more advanced the times, the more advanced technology. Logitekers can easily access this translated Google as long as you are a smartphone. But before that, do you know what Google Translate is?

Google Translate if translated into Indonesian becomes google translation. Google Translate is a translation service to translate words, sentences and paragraphs that you can set their own language. This free translation is free and multilingual where this one tool was developed by its parent company, Google.

To be able to translate a word or text, you can type it directly to the available column or you can copy paste from the website you want to translate. On Google Translate you can translate words and sentences from one language to another. This translation is available in the form of an application that you can download on the Google Play Store and Apple Store for the Android and iOS platform.

In April 2016, Google claimed that this translator tool has a total of more than 500 million users where this one softwear translates approximately 100 billion words every day and in April 2020, this one softwear has been supported by 109 languages at various levels.

In the table below we will provide brief information about Google Translation. Check out the following reviews.

Site Google Translate
Release Date 28 April 2006
Parent company Google Company
CEO Google
Type of site Neural machine statistics and translations
Language 109 Language
User More than 500 million people every day
Word Translation / Day 100 billion words every day

Next we will provide information about history, features and how to use google translation. Check out the reviews below.

Google Translate History

Do you know how to know how Google Translate is? When and what is the idea of ​​this establishment? Check out the full review of the history of Google Translate below.

Stand up

15 years ago Google Translate was standing more precisely on April 28, 2006 this translator was launched. At the first time it was released, Google translated only operates as a translator service or statistical machine. The initial assignment of Google Translate which must be taken first only to translate a text that is needed into new English is then translated into the language to choose.

This Google Translate initially has less good grammar accuracy to translate text because this tool uses a predictive SMT algorithm. But at first, Google did not employ experts to overcome this grammar accuracy problem because the language has a growing nature.

Google then introduced an application for the Android and iOS platform in January 2010. A year later more precisely in February 2011, the application function developed into a portable personal translator. Well, in February 2011 this application was increasingly developed and extended into a browser like Chrome so it became a unanitary unity. Once updated, this translte can then say text, recognize words in the image, directly translate the text, and detect the language of unknown language. The more sophisticated and cool, friend!

Google completed Word Lens in May 2014 so that the quality of the translation of sound and visual enhancing. Thanks to acquire that is that Google translations can finally translate text instantly and can scan images or text with a person’s device. Then, the system on this one translator will automatically recognize foreign languages ​​and can also translate greetings without having to press the microphone button every time it will translate the greeting to be translated.

Google continued its translation method on the system in November 2016. This one method uses deep learning techniques so you can Translating all words and sentences in a secret that has been taken into account so that the results are more accurate between English and Spanish, French, Chinese and German. Google researchers do not provide results that have been done for GNMT from English to other languages ​​and vice versa. In 2018 Google Translate every day has translated more than 100 billion words.

Founder of Google Translate

According to history that was recorded at the beginning of Google Translate was made by one of Google’s founders namely Sergey Brin. Which at the time, he received a letter from a fan. Because as we know, Google is a technology company that has many fans even from outside the country where Google was established.

Ideas stand

As described above, Sergey Brin received many letters from his fans from various parts of the world. The letter speaks Korean where Brin and his friends cannot translate it. Because he did not know the meaning, Brin finally translated the letter with the translator he had.

Well, this is where the idea of ​​Brin to create a sophisticated translator device appears. Because of the results of the translation of the letter he translated has poor grammar and difficult to understand. Finally the tool we often know with Google Translate.

Although at the beginning of the release of the word and the translated sentence is still not categorized as perfect, this translation is said to be quite successful as a translator tool in the internet world. After 15 years becoming a translator engine, now Google translated has become more advanced and sophisticated with the features provided. Google translated is also integrated directly with Google Pixel Buds which is the latest product from Google.

Google Translate Feature

Google Translate Feature

Next Logitekno will provide how to use Google Translation / Translate ranging from how to translate text, sound, image and offline. Let’s look at the full review below.

Text translation

The first feature that you can enjoy is a text translation. Surely this feature is the main feature of Google Translate. Which is Google Translate originally a tool that can only translate text.

In this one feature, you can translate starting from the word, sentence, to a minimum paragraph of 3900 characters. You can easily translate it just stay typing the text that will be translated on the box that is available or you can also copy and paste the text directly. It’s easy for you.

Voice translation

The next feature is a sound translation. In this one feature you only have to talk at the microphone then this one tool will automatically translate it. How to use this one feature is to press the translation button directly under the Google Translate box.

Then translator mode will appear. Usually the website will automatically choose automatic mode to talk. Please tap the microphone and start talking. When you finish speaking then Google Translate will directly translate the words you say. But, this one feature can only translate into the language you have chosen before entering the translator mode. So if you want to change the language, please return first to the main menu and change the language as needed.

Translation image

The third feature is that you can translate images. How to? You can press the camera image on the right below enter the text. There you will be asked for permission to open the camera. If you press, let the camera open immediately.

Well, after the open camera you can directly install the text you want to translate. You can also choose the text that you have the previous photo by opening the image section below the left. Will open a collection of images and select the text image that you will translate.

When you have selected an image, then Google Translate automatically translates the text on the image. Wow, cool!

Offline translation

The last interesting feature of Google Translate is access to translating words and sentences offline. As is known, this one feature will make it easier for users especially in a state of no intereth connection.

Surely this offline translation feature you can enjoy by downloading the main language of the destination you will translate. The way to use this one feature is first using offline translation mode then select the language you want to use. It’s easy, friend .. This feature will be very easy to use.

How to use Google Translate

Next Logitekno will provide how to use Google Translate ranging from how to translate text, sound, image and offline. Let’s look at the full review below.

How to translate text

Below is the way For translates text from Google Translate.

  1. Open your Smartphone or Laptop Pasa browser
  2. Then type in the “Google Translate” search column
  3. Click the Search button
  4. The browser will process your request
  5. After a while the column will appear to translate
  6. Type or copy paste in the “Enter text” section to translate your text
  7. Google Translate will automatically translate it in the translation column
  8. You can choose from and what language translations you want to translate
  9. You have finished translating text on Google Translate

How to translate sounds

Below is a way to translate voice from Google Translate.

  1. Open your Smartphone or Laptop Pasa browser
  2. Then type in the “Google Translate” search column
  3. Click the Search button
  4. The browser will process your request
  5. After a while the column will appear to translate
  6. Please press the translation menu directly
  7. Then you will enter the translator mode using sound
  8. Press the microphone picture button
  9. Google Translate will tell you to try to talk first
  10. You can also immediately talk
  11. Google Translate will automatically translate your voice
  12. Your voice has been successfully translated

Note: If you want to change the language, you have to get out of the translator mode and return first to the main menu and select the language you need.

How to translate writing photos

Below is a way to translate images from Google Translate.

  1. Open your Smartphone or Laptop Pasa browser
  2. Then type in the “Google Translate” search column
  3. Click the Search button
  4. The browser will process your request
  5. After a while the column will appear to translate
  6. Click the camera image in the box insert the text in the bottom corner
  7. You can take a direct text or you can choose a photo that you have the previous photo
  8. Click “Select All”
  9. Then click “Search” to net from where the image source you took
  10. And click “Translate”
  11. Automatic, Google Translate will translate sentences on the text you send
  12. You have successfully translated images through Google Translate

How to translate files

Below is a way to translate files from Google Translate.

Note: Translating this document can only be done on several devices. If the device you use is not available, please try using another device.

  1. Open the Google Translate application on SmartPhone.
  2. Download the main language of the destination country
  3. Enter the “Neural Engine” feature
  4. Next to the text menu there is a document menu
  5. “Select Documents” will appear
  6. Then click Explore the computer
  7. Please enter the document you want to translate
  8. Then click “Translate”
  9. Wait for the process a few moments
  10. And the document successfully translated.

Google Translate is one proof that technology is increasingly developing and also sophisticated. Today we must be able to use the best technology. Can be used for learning, references and so on. All technological advances are the results of people who have fantastic ideas including translator tools like this translation.

Google Translation is an idea of ​​Sergey Brin which accidentally gets a letter from his fans from Korea. It was so unexpected by God giving extraordinary thoughts as a sign of power. That’s where great people are created with extraordinary thoughts.

We can also begin to become one of the great people. Starting from reading hobbies, tasting the small abilities we have, and the most important thing is to never stop trying and don’t feel satisfied. Who is not proud if we become one of the great people who can find discoveries that can help many people. Besides being useful for others, we can also get a reward for helping many people complete the difficulties.

Hopefully our reviews above can help You and can be useful to provide information that you might be .Share to friends if this article is useful and helpful. Your kindness is solution for them. We also expect constructive criticism and suggestions for the perfection of this article. Thank you for helping.

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