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How to Overcome Playstore Can’t Download

Playstore Can’t Download – Hello Logitekno Readers, there are lots of things that can be downloaded from the PlayStore application, from applications and games, books, even movies. This is a very pleasant thing for Androuid users. However, many problems can be faced when they want to download it all. From the loading that is not completed, the application fails to be saved because it runs out of space in memory, and Pen downloads are delayed in the Playstore. Well, if you meet and experience some of the problems we mentioned earlier, you can try how to deal with Playstore can’t download the one below.

Playstore tidak bisa mendownload

Google PlayStore is a service operated and also developed by a worldwide company, namely Google. No wonder if there are still many people who call this service as Google Play. Previously, this service was called another name, namely the Android Market.

The function owned by this application is an official store for all devices that have an Android operating system. With this Google PlayStore, you will be able to see see and download existing applications and are being developed with Android SDK and Software Development Kits published by Google.

Besides being useful as a place to download and buy applications, Google PlayStore is also a place to buy digital media. You will be able to find various media such as music, films, books, even television shows on this Google Playstore application.

The application that you can meet here has different types and prices, some are free and also paid. The application offered is also not a little. Most applications that you can find here will be very fun and useful for you.

Google PlayStore was launched in 2012, precisely March 6. The application which is finally given the name Google Playstore is a combination of various applications namely Android Market, Google Ebook Store, and Google Music.

Playstore can’t download 

Well, when you use this application to download, and when we have waited a long time when downloading an application but suddenly the “insufficient storage available” suddenly appears very annoying. This means that the Pintargadegt friend’s device does not have enough space to download the application.

How to Fix it

Then how do I deal with playstore can’t download because of the problem of lack of space on the device or other problems? Don’t worry, PintargoGagagagagagagagaggage can use how to deal with Playstore that cannot download existing in the article below.

Check internet connection and playstore settings

The first solution you can do is check the internet connection you are using, if there is a problem when downloading via Playstore.

If you are using data, but in the Playstore setting you can only download using the WiFi network, you must change the regulation first.

  1. Open the Google PlayStor application.
  2. Enter the “Settings” select the “App Download Preference” option.
  3. Make sure to select the “Over Network” option.
  4. If the one used is “Over Wi-Fi Only”, PlayStore only downloads the application with only WiFi network and can not use a data connection.
  5. Do the same thing on the setting “Auto-Update Apps”.

Check Time Settings

If your Logitekers has made the first way but still can’t download, you can confirm if the date and time you use on your device is correct. You can change it through your respective device settings.

If it’s already, try checking whether the problem is still unresolved.

Delete unused applications

If the problem is still unresolved too, you can clean your device from the application you have never used. With the many unused applications, you will meet the storage on your device Pintargadget and will result in the Playstore to not be downloaded.

  1. Enter Settings, continue selecting Applications or App Management.
  2. Select applications that have never been used.
  3. Press ‘Uninstall’ on the selected application
  4. Repeat the steps to clean up applications that have never been used
  5. Delete cache in all applications
  6. The habit of never removing cache is also one of the PlayStore can’t download it. Therefore, you can clean all the caches on your device to overcome the Playstore problem that cannot be downloaded.
  7. Enter Settings, then to the additional setting menu
  8. “Clean Storage”.
  9. Clean the garbage file on your device.

This method will be able to delete all the caches.

Because the Android UI is different depending on the brand of the cellphone you use, for some cellphones, the menu option may have a different name. You can adjust this way with the cellphone you use.

Google Play Problems Service

Google Play Service is a matter related to Google Playstore. If this application has a problem, then this will affect Google PlayStore too. If the Google Play Service on your device has a problem, you can do it with the AR that is below.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Select Apps / Apps Management
  3. See Google Play Service. Or search “Show All Apps” or “Show System Process”
  4. If you have, open the Google Play Service, select “Storage”
  5. Select “Clear cache” and “Clear Data”.
  6. If it doesn’t work, uninstall Google PlayStore
  7. After that, restart and download the Play Service application on the Playstore.

This Play Service application is needed by PlayStore to provide Google service authentication core and to update existing applications.

Move data and applications to microSD

If you feel your device does not have enough storage to download other applications, you can use MicroSD and move the MU file to Micro SD.

The purpose of the microSD is to have a large backup data that you have. So that the cellphone storage is not full and does not show the message “Insufficient Storage Available”.

Remove Proxy

If the Playstore cannot download it is not due to full storage, but you get an error 491 message, error 403, and so on, try to remove the proxy on your device’s APN. The method:

  1. Open Settings select Mobile Network
  2. Select connection settings on the SIM.
  3. Select the name Access Point Name.
  4. Select, delete proxy and its port.
  5. Save and try again Download the application on Playstore
  6. Other ways to deal with Playstore can’t download
  7. Playstore can’t download it

Another way you can use Adalha root on your device, but if your device is rooted, you will lose the software warranty owned by your cellphone if the warranty is still alive.

Vendors will not be responsible for your device’s damage. Root will turn off the existing warranty when buying the smartphone.

If you has tried the way above, but still not to solve the Playstore problem can not download this, it’s time for you to replace your device to a better cellphone, which has greater storage for your needs.

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