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Korenlovers – Hello Koreanlovers wherever you are good, healthy! Well BTW in this article we will discuss the Korean drama download site that is quite famous namely Koren Lovers.

Undeniably in addition to the quality of the neat film and the storyline, the paras and an interesting physical appearance of the actors and the Korean drama actress managed to make many people in Indonesia become this film type lover


Korenlovers This is a streaming site drakor which is quite famous throughout Kdrama Lovers in Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia itself. Not just Drakor, on this site there is also Dracin (Chinese drama), Korean Movie and even variety shows. And most importantly, it’s all free bro!

Penampilan situs KorenLovers

The display of the website is very simple and mobile friendly, so everyone can easily access movies, dramas, movies or variety shows they want in Korenlovers

And also in Korenlovers, there are already Indonesian subtitles that are automatically installed when you watch, so you don’t have to bother downloading import subtitles from other sites. Everything is available here

Aside from that. His drama and movies were relatively complete and many, from famous films until the colossal film was here.

Well for you the cellphone user who has small storage, you don’t need to worry, besides downloading you can also take advantage of streaming / watching features directly on this site. Eits, of course this one uses internet quota.

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Although very exciting can be downloaded and streaming Drakor for free, this Korenlovers site always changes its domain name because this site is classified as illegal, careful about malware attacks and viruses that are deliberately planted in this site by irresponsible people.

Alternative site for downloading kdrama besides Korenlovers

But calmly sob, there are still many other free alternative sites if there are problems when accessing the Korenlovers site that has been a summary techno advisor and collect below:

Streaming is safer than Korenlovers

1. Iqiyi.

In Iqiyi, for those of you who are looking for other alternatives from Korenlovers can watch a lot of drama and films, not just Korean drama, you can also watch Chinese and Japanese dramas. In fact, there are also anime for you who really like anime.

The site that comes from China has aired a lot of popular films, drama, anime, and variety shows and can you enjoy both subscribed and free.

The standard subscription fee is Rp. 30,000 per month and per year costs of Rp. 200,000 per year. There are also premium subscription rates per month and per year.

2.. VIU.

Recommended best Drakor places besides Korenlovers, VIU, this application offers a simple display without any disturbing ads. Here there are also many Korean film titles and other dramas with updates and complete even there are also dramas that are old-lived so you can be a little recovery. VIU is also a place to watch drama, variety shows, and Korean reality shows. There are also several Indonesian, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indian, and Japanese dramas.

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The whole drama here has been equipped with Indonesian subtitles to improve your streaming experience to be more comfortable like in Korenlovers. The subscription fees are also various kinds, which are from Rp.10,000 per week to Rp. 30,000 per month.

3. Wetv.

Besides Korenlovers, it is similar to Iqiyi, which also comes from China and is not only a Korean drama. Wetv also aired films and dramas from other Asian countries. Starting from Thailand, Chinese, Japanese films and dramas can be found on this one site. You can even watch almost hundreds of the best types of Indonesian dramas and films.

Its cooler features of Korenlovers, namely there is a live comment feature that makes you feel like watching a movie with a crowded, streaming shows in WETV you can enjoy for free. But if you want to enjoy all the shows, you also have to pay a subscription fee.

It’s not expensive, starting from Rp. 15,000 per month. You can feel the sensation of Koren Lovers safely, is it interested in using this one streaming service to watch Drakor?

4. iFlix.

IFlix is ​​the most convenient site for streaming Korean drama. Almost all updated and best drivers and dramas are here. The coolest, video on demand service whose center in Malaysia presents diverse content, ranging from TV series, box office films, even special children’s events.

Click the tab that says K-Flix to be able to access all Korean drama titles, your favorite drama that Korenlovers will immediately appear here. IFlix offers two Y memberships

Aitu iFlix VIP and iFlix Free. With iFlix Free you can access some free content, but if you want to access more you have to be an IFLix VIP member for 39,000 / month.

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5. Netflix

Create Korenlovers, who doesn’t know Netflix? On this site there are a myriad of Korean dramas that are relatively complete and will be the first recommendation for you koreanlovers.

Besides being complete, on this site there is also a special menu to watch Ongoing dramas, so you are Korenlovers not miss the latest Korean drama which is certainly equipped with Indonesian subtitles!

You can download this Netflix on various platforms, so you can watch Drakor anywhere. The rates are diverse, starting from Rp.54,000 to Rp.169,000 per month.

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